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Opioid & Benzodiazepine Weaning Schedule Calculator


(Please staple to the back of the Wean Tracking Worksheet - see Resources section)

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Weaning steps: Perform when weaning algorithm criteria are met.

Disclaimer: This Calculator is provided solely as a support tool, and is for the use of medical professionals only. The ultimate decision regarding what to do for the patient is the responsibility of the clinical care team. THIS CALCULATOR IS NOT INTENDED TO REPLACE EXPERIENCED CLINICAL JUDGMENT AND SHOULD IN NO WAY BE USED AS THE SOLE BASIS OF RELIANCE FOR PRESCRIBING MEDICAL ADVICE, DIAGNOSIS, AND TREATMENT. This tool was designed and is maintained for patients admitted to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles only. The information produced by the Calculator is NOT part of any medical records. We do NOT collect any personal data while you use the Calculator or when you browse through this webpage. We do NOT use cookies to collect personal information or to track your browsing behavior. All data provided to the Calculator is automatically deleted when you close your browser.


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  1. Opioid and Benzodiazepine Weaning Algorithms and Dose Conversion Guidelines
  2. Opioid and Benzodiazepine Wean Tracking Worksheets (4 pages)


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